Future of the Autonomous Automobile: A Strategy for BMW
Cast Study

  • FINANCIAL/NON-FINANCIAL analysis: Discuss the most
    significant financial factor(s) (be specific, calculating and
    presenting in a three-year line chart the most important 1-2 ratios
    in the profitability, leverage and/or activity areas compared to
    your two strategic group competitors (or the industry) and
    non-financial factor(s) (leadership, culture, ethics/social
    responsibility) for the company? What is your evidence for their

  • SCA(VRIN) analysis: Using your analysis above, briefly
    state what you believe to be the company’s 1-2 major
    capabilities or core competencies (if any) and assess their ability
    to create a sustainable competitive advantage by explaining EACH of
    the four VRIN criteria for EACH competency. Be sure to state the
    results of your VRIN analysis (i.e. competitive disadvantage,
    competitive parity, temporary competitive advantage or sustainable
    competitive advantage).

  • CURRENT STRATEGY analysis: In light of your analysis
    above, what are the company’s current strategy types (i.e. type of
    business level, corporate level, cooperative and international
    strategies the company is pursuing)? What is your evidence from
    your analysis above for this assessment?

    above analysis, what is the firm’s main problem and what is your
    suggested solution? Which 7S implementation factors are most
    important? Why?

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