The project scope defines what needs to be done. A project scope
document includes many of the items contained in the project
charter, RFP, or contractor’s proposal, but in much greater detail.
The document is valuable for establishing a common understanding
among project stakeholders regarding the scope of the project. The
project scope document usually contains the following sections:
Customer requirements define the functional or performance
specifications for the project’s end product and other project
deliverables. It should also include or reference applicable
technical specifications, standards, and codes that must be used
and met regarding quality and performance of the project work and
deliverables. Statement of Work (SOW) defines the major tasks that
will need to be performed to accomplish the work that needs to be
done and produce all the project deliverables. Deliverables are the
products or outputs that the project team or contractor will
produce and provide to the customer during and at the completion of
the performance of the project. Acceptance criteria for all project
deliverables must be described in greater detail than what is
stated in the project charter or request for proposal Work
Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hierarchical decomposition of the
project work scope into work packages that produce the project
deliverables. The agreed-upon project scope document establishes
the baseline for any changes that may be made to the scope during
the performance of the project. A change control system needs to be
established to define how changes will be documented, approved, and
communicated. The project team or contractor must avoid scope
creep, which is informally making changes to the project scope
without appropriate approval.Create a scope document for your
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