1. HCC core membership is attending meetings and those that
    represent the core members are engaged but their leadership does
    not understand or agree with allocating additional resources
    outside of attending monthly meetings. How would you engage their
    leadership? What initiatives (assuming you have not funds to
    provide them) do you have? How do you get their buy-in?
  2. How would you engage HCC partners to increase participation in
    the coalition?
  3. How do you convince healthcare partners to participate in a
    no-notice evacuation costing thousands of dollars and assist in
    developing a HCC response plan without giving them a monetary
  4. Healthcare partners are asked to continually assess their needs
    and gaps. As part of a grant requirement you need them as a HCC to
    identify their needs. How do you go about identifying the HCC’s
    needs? How do you get participation in the process?
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