Question 20: danny has to give a presentation to
senior nursing staff at a nursing home. The topic of the
presentation is new patient-care products danny company is
introducing. She has the opportunity to talk with the Executive
Director of the nursing home before she starts her presentation.
Which set of questions is the MOST useful in helping Laura to make
appropriate decisions about her presentation?

A) Are all of your senior nurses native English speakers? How
comfortable would they be with an interactive presentation? Is
there any terminology I should be aware of to avoid giving

B) Are there any cliques or factions among the nurses I should
be aware of? Whom should I get to volunteer for demonstrations?
What other languages do the nurses speak?

C) Do you have a whiteboard? How long have these nurses worked
here? If I bring snacks, do they prefer healthy ones or indulgent

Question 19: Which of these can you do in the
Arrange menu in PowerPoint?

A) change the color of an object to match whatever is within 100
pixels of it

B) rearrange your slide order

C) flip an object horizontally or vertically

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