Question 16: After a scare when she had to leave her
desk suddenly before she could save her presentation, joey now
names and saves her Google Slides files as soon as she gets
started. Her steps to doing so are ________.

A) she goes to her Google Drive and renames the file there

B) she clicks on Untitled Presentation in the top left corner
and then types in the title she wants

C) she downloads it to her desktop, opens it, and does a Save

Question 15: rae supervisor has decided he wants
the recommendations to come last in Riley’s presentation instead of
at the beginning, so rae now has to move some slides around. Which
of these methods should he use?

A) drag and drop the recommendation slides to the end of the

B) copy and paste the slide content into the order he wants

C) go to the Insert menu and put in custom slide numbers that
reflect the new order

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