What knowledge capture mechanism is facilitated from on-the-job training where an employee observes another employee performing the skill to be learned? *





What does it mean that organizational stories are episodic in nature? *

A story is only applicable to a specific problem type.

The stories are related to actual experienced events.

Some stories are better told by professional actors.

The complete story is conveyed in a single telling.

What is the specific situation in which context-based reasoning is best suited for knowledge capture? *

Employee adaptation.

Supporting educational settings.

Acquiring tactical knowledge.

Large organization applications.

One of the largest barriers to automatic elicitation of expert knowledge is that the KE must understand __________ very early in the process, which is a severe difficulty for knowledge capture systems. *

the nature and structure of knowledge

the time limitations for interacting with an expert

the inability of experts to sometimes explain their knowledge

the fact that documents contain the results of knowledge not knowledge itself

What makes up corporate memory? *

The aggregate intellectual assets of an organization.

The tacit knowledge of all current employees.

The routines of an organization.

The documents and other explicit knowledge of an organization.

A knowledge sharing system is said to define __________. *

Knowledge assets.

A learning organization.

Intellectual capital.

Exchange technologies.

Which of the following is not an example of a specific type of knowledge sharing system? *

Management information systems

Lessons learned systems.

Best practices databases.

Incident report databases.

Which of the following is not an appropriate technology for storing lessons learned? *

Object-oriented databases.

Relational databases.

Electronic e-mail messages.

Case libraries.

Knowledge creation through group interactions at research conferences or brainstorming sessions utilizes which knowledge process? *





Which of the following is not an area where DM has been applied to a business problem for knowledge discovery? *



Operations management

None of the above

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