What DM technique has helped discover products likely to be purchased together? *

Induction trees.

Artificial neural networks.

Decision tables.

Market basket analysis.

What are the most common and useful application of DM in business domains? *

Product marketing and sales.

Employee placement.

Detection of financing risk and fraud.

Customer relationship management (CRM).

SurgOp is a newly established start-up in Beirut’s Digital District (BDD), which aims to establish online support tools for surgeons to employ during surgical operations. The start-up’s vision is to enable surgeons around the world to perform all or most of the surgical operations required, especially in countries that are short on medical equipment and surgical expertise. The start-up has won $25,000 from BDD and another investing firm in Beirut as funds for their IT infrastructure. They intend to use this money to develop their website and mobile app and try to build an online community which is ready to take part in their initiative. The co-founders benefit from unlimited medical advice from mentors in the incubator as they believe SurgOp has the potential to gain global recognition. All stakeholders of the start-up believe that knowledge is their greatest asset, as they could have a lot more money, but that will lead them nowhere if they do not employ the needed technologies, mechanisms, and tools to discover, capture, share and apply knowledge. The majority of their mentors suggested focusing on SurgOp’s efforts on knowledge capture for several reasons. First, capturing knowledge could be the least expensive but most integral knowledge process, as both knowledge sharing and application are dependent on it. Second, knowledge capture systems are easy to integrate in a business culture, especially an entrepreneurial one. Third, being part of BDD encourages employees to capture knowledge in innovative ways as the environment surrounding SurgOp is highly supportive of knowledge management and knowledge management processes. What is the goal of knowledge capture systems? *

To elicit and store organizational and personal knowledge.

To convert tacit knowledge into an explicit format.

To perform the combination and exchange knowledge processes.

To evaluate explicit knowledge resources.

How does storytelling foster innovation? *

Collaborative nature eliminates knowledge hierarchies.

Enables listeners to easily absorb and relate knowledge.

Effective communication of complex multidimensional ideas.

Listeners live vicariously as a participant.

Which of the following is not considered as a crucial requirement for the success of a knowledge sharing system in industry? *

Collection of information from various sources.

Identify knowledge gaps and determine how to fill them.

Minimize up-front knowledge engineering.

Active presentation of relevant information.

Which of the following has helped generate large quantities of data for analysis in knowledge discovery systems? *

Conversion of databases for Y2K.

Proliferation of e-commerce applications.

Increasing availability of computing power.

Integrated DM software tools.

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