Your company is interested in continuous improvement (CI) process of the product. The company plans to use a relatively large set of users that gave consent to participate in the CI process. The CI process is non-intrusive and is done while the users use the system anywhere/anytime they wish to. Your goal is to collect, and analyze usage data and use it to improve the product. Usage data can include (but not limited to) time on task, number of mouse clicks, number of keyboard clicks etc. The collection of this data is considered non-intrusive. You cannot rely on any feedback from the users.

Question; Usability evaluation.

DESIGN a detailed procedure to be used for the CI process. The procedure should include analytics (data collection and analysis) of Effectiveness and Operability.

System: Your task is to develop a computer-managed interactive system that enables ordering a prescription medication and / or obtaining the results of a medical lab test online.

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