Auntie Anne’s Part 1 (Segmentation and Target Marketing)

Case Prompt: Help us decide which segment we should target for our catering.

Team #:

Team Name:


Choose a target market segment that you think would be most interested in catering. The segment should be sizable, stable, identifiable, accessible, and congruent.

Step 1: Segmenting the Market

What specific segment would you choose to target and why? Give a brief overview and reasoning.

List all relevant details about the segment you have decided to target.

Segment Description

Reasoning / Why?


(What are the relevant demographics of your segment?)


(What particular usage traits do you see in the segment you’re targeting?)


(for business segment)



(for consumer segment)

Step 2: Creating Your Persona: Based on your research of your target market and the information you listed on the previous page, develop a buyer persona (a fictional representation of your customer based on real data) of that target market. For business segments, it may be most helpful to develop the buyer persona based on the person making the purchasing decision for catering.

Persona Name:


Job position/Details:



Profile Image – draw or digitally create

Lifestyle and Background

(lifestyle, family, daily/weekly schedule)

Important Identifiers

(demeanor, values, personality)

Communication and Tech

(How does the persona communicate? Media, social media, radio, email, etc.)

Product Values

(What does this person value in a catering purchase?)

Common Objections

(Why wouldn’t they purchase catering?)

Fun Facts

What else should we know about your persona?

Also answer the following questions as part of your case analysis:

How will it help Auntie Anne’s to focus on a segment instead of just marketing to everyone?
What makes the identified segment the ideal for Auntie Anne’s to target?
What segment did class members decide not to target? Whom would it be unwise for Auntie Anne’s to target?
What was the hardest part about creating your buyer persona?
What was the easiest part about creating your buyer persona? Please keep in my mind that the word limit should be 1000 words to answer these 5 questions.

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