Provide one example for one or more of these generic business models((Razor-razorblades, Subscription, Pay as you go, Freemium, Wholesale, Agency, Bundling).

Use an example that is not mentioned in the lecture and other students.

For example: Linkedin offers a free service, but you can also pay extra and upgrade your account to premium to get extra service like sending messages to people who are not connected to you. This is an example of Freemium model.

question2 :

Use one or more of the frameworks((Accounting Profitability, Shareholder Value Creation, Economic Value Creation, Balanced Scorecard, Triple Bottom Line)) that we discussed to evaluate firm performance and competitive advantage and discuss the performance/competitive advantage of Chevron Corporation.
From the perspective you used, does Chevron have competitive advantage over its competitors? Explain it briefly and try to build upon other students’ responses.

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