Adjustment Letter-Company at Fault Assume the role of customer service representative at Nationwide Office Supply (see Exercise 9). You’ve received Mr. McCord’s letter (People’s Energy Company, Wheatley Road, Old Westbury, NY 11568). You’ve done some background investigation and have learned that what the customer said is true-the Sampson Model 25 is a Xerox clone and your catalog does state that this cartridge fits Xerox printers and most compatibles. The problem arose because the Model 25, Sampson’s newest printer, was introduced shortly after your catalog went to press. This model’s spindle is slightly shorter than those of previous Sampson models.

You do not carry in your inventory a cartridge that fits the Sampson Model 25. The customer should return the cartridges cash on delivery (COD), marking on the address label Return Authorization 95-076R. In the meantime, you’ve authorized a refund of $284.25; Mr. McCord should receive the check within ten days. Convey this information to Mr. McCord.

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