Insert only necessary commas in the following sentences . For your answer , indicate the number of commas you added (1,2,3,etc.) . If the sentence requires no commas , write C.

•A corporation must register in the state in which it does business and it must operate within the laws of that state .
• The manager made a point – by-point explanation of the distribution dilemma and then presented his plan to solve the problem
• If you will study the cost analysis you will see that our company offers the best system at the lowest price .
• Molly Epperson who amassed the greatest number of sales points won a bonus trip to Hawaii .
• The salesperson who amasses the greatest number of sales points will earn a bonus trip to Hawaii .
•To promote goodwill and to generate international trade we are opening sales offices in South Asia and in Europe .
•On the basis of these findings I recommend that we retain Jane Rada as our counsel .
• Scott Cook is a dedicated hard working employee for our company .
• The bright young student who worked for us last summer will be able to return this summer .
• When you return the completed form we will be able to process your application .

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