Two-factor authentication (2FA) — also known as two-step verification or multifactor authentication — is widely used to add a layer of security to online accounts. There are various forms of 2 factor authentication mechanisms. For example, it is 2-factor authentication when you swipe your debit card and enter your PIN code. A new COVID-19 recreational center is planning to implement AAA security principles and 2-factor authentication. You have be tasked to convince the Board of Directors with a brief report on 2-factor authentication and AAA services. In your report address the following key points 4 AAA services is a security principle that focuses on Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Auditing/Accounting

• Provide 2 examples of 2 factor authentication

• Explain how the 2-factor authentication process support the elements of AAA services, Identification, Authentication and Authorization

• The focus of 2-factor authentication is to protect personal data. One of the main elements of the AAA principle is Accounting/Auditing. Explain the role of Accounting/Auditing in the AAA principles and explain how it can protect personal data

• What process can be implemented to support Accounting/Auditing ? How can these AAA element of Accounting/Auditing processes support 2-factor authentication and make it more robust in the protection of personal data?

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