Absorptive capacity is a firm’s ability to identify assimilate transform and apply valuable external knowledge A Dogru B) Yanlis Soru 21 4 Puan Utility patent last for years from the initial application date A “No duration specified” B) 25 20 10 Soru 22 4 Puan Which of the following statement is true about quality function deployment? (which of the following BETTER defines what quality function deployment is) It is a system that incorporates customer dimension/requirements into different stages of product and service development It is a business strategy that is concerned with the production of good and services It is a model to analyze customer behavior to increase customer retention and loyalty 0 it is a concept for analyzing the activities of a small company Soru 23 10 Puan A license allows the license holder to stop others from building his invention A Dogru B) Yanlis
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