Comment on the ethics of the following situations.

a. A warehouse club advertises “savings up to 30 percent” after a researcher presented management with survey results suggesting store prices ranged from 5 percent above the competition to 30 percent below the average competitor prices.

b. A researcher requests the names of guests attending a professional conference, the titles of any movies (in-room) they purchased, a list of products consumed from the mini-bar, and a list of room service purchases.

c. A researcher tells a potential respondent that an interview will last 10 minutes rather than the 30 minutes he or she actually anticipates.

 d. A respondent tells an interviewer that she wishes to cooperate with the survey, but her time is valuable and, therefore, she expects to be paid for her responses.

 e. An academic researcher performs basic research based on Facebook comments from guys talking about female acquaintances using salacious terms.

f. A manager for a data service firm asks a researcher for the IP addresses of research respondents to a short consumer survey investigating factors leading to the likelihood of changing service providers.

g. An online dating company stores the gps locations of users, tracks their whereabouts, and sells an app that offers users an alert when a lot of “daters” are within a 10-minute radius.

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