The client has just returned to the nursing care unit following a hemorrhoidectomy. What order should the nurse expect? 12. The nurse is caring for a woman who had a CVA and has right-sided hemiplegia. Which action is least appropriate? 1. Performing ROM exercises when bathing the client 2. Changing the client’s position every two hours 3. Positioning the client supine and pulling the bed sheets tightly across her feet 4. Placing the client in the prone position for one hour three times a day 2. The nurse is caring for an adult who had abdominal surgery this morning. Which action will do the most to prevent vascular complications? 1. Turn the client every two hours. 2. Encourage deep breathing and coughing every two hours. 3. Have the client move her legs and make circles with her toes every two hours. 4. Dangle the client as soon as she is awake and alert.
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