The Google search engine has become so popular with Internet users that the word Google is often used as a verb (“I Googled the restaurant to see its reviews”), but there are other wellknown search engines, such as Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing. Table 2.10 shows the percentage of Internet surfers who used each search engine (i.e., the search engines’ market share) in June 2016 as compared with June 2014.

1. Search the web for the most up-to-date statistics about the search engine market.

2. As a team, interpret these numbers. What is striking/ important about these statistics? How do the numbers compare to your own search behavior?

3. How have the numbers changed? Will there be other important players in the search engine market?

4. Using your spreadsheet software of choice, create a graph/figure that effectively visualizes the statistics/ changes you consider most important.

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