The cost of maintaining information systems is high for Campus Travel. You have been assigned to evaluate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a few systems that are currently in use by Campus Travel employees. Take a look at the TCO.csv file to obtain the list of systems that are in use and the costs associated with maintaining the software, hardware, and the associated personnel for each type of system. Calculate the following for your operations manager:

â–  The costs for server hardware by adding a new row to include web servers. This includes US$4,500 for the main campus and US$2,200 for the other campuses.

â–  The TCO for the entire information system used at Campus Travel. Hint: Sum all the values for all the systems together.

â–  The TCO for servers and network components of the information system.

â–  Make sure that you format the table, including using the currency format, in a professional manner.

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