Match the following terms with the appropriate definitions:

i. value chain analysis

ii. freemium

iii. managerial level

iv. value chain

v. disruptive innovation cycle

vi. sharing economy

vii. platform

viii. open innovation

ix. radical innovation

x. operational level

a. A business model that enables others—both other businesses and users—to co-create value, such that some users create value and other users consume

b. The process of analyzing an organization’s activities to determine where value is added to products and/or services and the costs that are incurred for doing so

c. An economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet

d. The middle level of the organization, where functional managers focus on monitoring and controlling operational-level activities and providing information to higher levels of the organization

e. A model suggesting that the extent to which modern organizations use information technologies and systems in timely, innovative ways is the key to success

f. Giving away limited versions of a digital product or service for free in order to build a large customer base, and charging a premium for unrestricted versions

g. The set of primary and support activities in an organization where value is added to a product or service

h. An innovation that uses markedly new or different technology to provide significantly greater customer benefits, and eventually marginalizes or replaces existing products or services

i. The process of integrating external stakeholders into the innovation process

j. The bottom level of an organization, where the routine day-to-day interactions with customers occur.

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