The director of sales and marketing at the travel agency would like to increase the efficiency of handling customers who have frequent-flier accounts. Often, frequent fliers have regular travel routes and a preferred seating area or meal category. In previous years, the data have been manually entered into a three-ring binder. In order to handle the frequent fliers’ requests more efficiently, your director has asked you to build an Access database containing the traveler’s name (first and last name), address, phone number, frequent-flier number, frequent-flier airline, meal category, and preferred seating area. To do this, you will need to do the following:

■ Create an empty database named “Frequent Flier.”

■ Import the data contained in the file FrequentFliers. txt. Use “Text File” under “Import” in the “External Data” tab. Hint: Use tab delimiters when importing the data; note that the first row contains field names.
After importing the data, create a report displaying the names and addresses of all frequent fliers by doing the following:

■ Select “Report Wizard” under “Report” in the “Create” tab

■ Include the fields “first name,” “last name,” and “address” in the report.

■ Save the report as “Frequent Fliers.”

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