Match the following terms with the appropriate definitions:

i. Information

ii. Internet of Things

iii. Information system

iv. Information privacy

v. Computer fluency

vi. Globalization

vii. Outsourcing

viii. Digital divide

ix. Intellectual property

x. Computer ethics

a. The issues and standards of conduct as they pertain to the use of information systems

b. Data that have been formatted in a way that is useful

c. The integration of economies around the world, enabled by innovation and technological progress

d. The ability to independently learn new technologies as they emerge and assess their impact on one’s work and life

e. A network of a broad range of physical objects that can automatically share data over the Internet

f. The combination of people and information technology that create, collect, process, store, and distribute useful data

g. The moving of routine jobs and/or tasks to people in another firm to reduce costs

h. An area concerned with what information an individual should have to reveal to others through the course of employment or through other transactions, such as online shopping

i. The gap between those individuals in our society who are computer literate and have access to information resources, such as the Internet, and those who do not

j. Creations of the mind that have commercial value

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