White papers are important for sharing knowledge and research results. The SANS Institute contains thousands of security related white papers in its library. Writing a good white paper is made easier with the use of a ready-made template.


During this project you will visit the SANS website, open an email security policy template, and make revisions to the policy document.


1. Read and execute the instructions for Hands-on Project 1 on page 105.

2. Write a paper describing your experience and project results. Describe challenges you encountered.

3. Paste the screenshots into your paper. For each screenshot, describe in DETAIL what is taking place.


Hands-on Projects Project 1 SANS® is a great source for information about current IT security trends and training. It also has an excellent collection of security-related white papers to help keep you current. In this project, you are going to look at some important security problems, investigate a security career, read a white paper, and look at one of several ready-made templates designed to help you write a good security policy for your business or organization. 1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Click Resources, and Critical Security Controls.

3. Take a screenshot.

4. Click Resources and Reading Room.

5. Click Top 25 Papers Based on Views.

6. Take a screenshot.

7. Return to the main page.

8. Click Resources and Security Policy Project.

9. Click the link labeled General.

10. Click the link labeled Email Policy.

11. Click the link labeled DOC under the heading Down-load Policy Template (Word doc).

12. Open the e-mail policy document you just downloaded.

13. Click Replace on the Home tab.

14. In the Find what text-box enter “

15. In the Replace with text-box enter “YourName Com-pany.” (Replace YourName with your first and last names.)

16. Click Replace All.

17. Take a screenshot of your new policy

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