I need help coding this assigment in linux.

Lab 3: Failed Login Report
Lab 3 is an opportunity to use UNIX/Linux commandline tools sed , sort , uniq and printf to search a logfile
using regular expressions, count the number of occurrences and output an simple report in HTML format. All output
should be sent to STDOUT (the terminal).
Your script shall be named flog and be marked executable. Here is how you execute your script:
./flog LOGFILE
./flog /var/classes/cs3030/lab3/secure
Your script shall search LOGFILE for all lines containing this string:
“Failed password for USERID”
where USERID is either the name of a user or the word “invalid”. You are to perform the following operations:
Change the word “invalid” to

tags as shown

Now, to actually see your HTML rendered as a web page in a browser, you can (optionally) redirect your HTML output
to your public_html folder. Then chmod your html file so that it is readable by the Apache web server on icarus. Don’t
do this redirection in your script or you will fail your tests in Cucumber.

./flog /var/classes/cs3030/lab3/secure >~/public_html/flog.html
chmod 644 ~/public_html/flog.html

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