its about how would you do thinks if you was a leader, thanks a lot.

1. Revisit the Social Change Model. What personal values guide your leadership?

How does your thinking, feeling, and behaving around these values show congruence?
How do you demonstrate your commitment to those values?

2. Being an effective change agent means knowing key decision makers within the community (Kahn, 1991).

What campus officials do you need to know better?
How might you go about becoming better acquainted with them?

3. Identify an organization or group that you belong to and reflect on when the organization is at its best.

What does it look like?
How do people communicate with each other?
How does work get accomplished?

Imagine that your organization won the award as the Most Successful Organization of the Year.

What is now different about the organization?
What made it possible for the organization to achieve this award?
What are others at your college or university saying now about your organization?

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