What is your overall assessment of Kaiser’s Total Health positioning and its Thrive campaign to date? What are the key lessons that can be learned from its experience with the marketing program in the marketplace? 2. How can Kaiser expand its penetration into more employers and build its consumer membership? Are these the only marketing objectives Kaiser should be seeking to achieve? 3. Should Kaiser continue to focus on a Total Health brand positioning, or does the advent of the Affordable Care Act environment require another strategic approach? If so, what brand positioning would you recommend and specifically why? 4. Tactically, should Kaiser move away from the Thrive campaign given the apparent commoditization of wellness strategic approaches by competitors? Do you have any tactical approaches that you believe might have merit? 5. How can Christine Paige address management’s desire to see evidence that the campaign has resulted in increased enrollment or other similar hard metrics? Or should she resist that pressure from management and recommend another way to look at marketing metrics at Kaiser? Moving forward, which marketing metrics should be used to track the progress of Kaiser’s marketing programs, given the organization’s business and marketing goals?
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