these questions.

Part 1:

Identifying Customers Problems [33%]

1. Select a successful product (e.g. top-selling product on Amazon/ App store)

a. What is the primary user segment(s)? Why do you think they chose to focus on it? Who are the primary and secondary users? [11%]

b. List top 3 user needs/ problems that the product solves. Define each need in detail – who needs the solution, why and when? [11%]

c. In your opinion, why is this product a top-selling one? [5%] 2. Select a product that failed. What do you think they should have done differently? [6%]

Part 2:

Researching User Needs [34%]

1. You got hired! You are the PM for a product you have recently heard of – helping blind people easily find objects in the fridge.

a. Decide on your user segment and create a user persona. Base it on user and market research as much as possible [10%]

b. Choose a problem / opportunity you think is worth researching, and break down the problem to smaller ones, which you think can be validated by talking or observing customers. For each sub-problem, describe how you would validate it with potential customers. Be specific as possible in your answer. [10%]

c. What questions would you ask them in order to validate your solution? For each question, describe what value you would like to understand from the answers you would receive [10%]

d. Prioritize the problems (based on business goals) [4%]

Part 3:

Determining Product Strategy [33%]

1. Select one of the following companies/products: Lightricks / Bird / Bit / Fitbit / kahoot / Gett For the company/ product you chose –

a. Describe the market and estimate its TAM (Total Addressable Market) [11%]

b. Analyse the competition (existing competition, new , replacing) [11%]

c. Conduct a SWOT analysis and propose 2-3 strategic product decisions based on it. Consider the customers, partners, competitors, market and business model.

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