Your marketing plan should include the following sections:
1. Executive summary. This section is written last but appears first in the plan. It is an overview of the entire plan so that readers can quickly identify the key issues.
2. Environmental Analysis. Provides information about the business’ current situation with respect to the marketing environment, the target market, and the company’s objectives and performance.
3. SWOT Analysis. Examines the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Utilizes information gathered in the environmental analysis.
4. Marketing objectives. States what the company wants to accomplish through marketing activities, utilizing the SWOT analysis as a guide of where the company stands in the market.
5. Marketing strategies. Outlines how the company plans to achieve its marketing objectives. A strategy is typically designed around two components:
a. Selection of the target market, or specific group of customers the company will focus its marketing efforts
b. The marketing activities that the company can control to meet the needs of the target marker (promotional strategies, product strategies, etc.)
6. Marketing implementation: Outlines how the company will implement the marketing strategies.
7. Performance evaluation. Establishes the standards for how results will be measured and evaluated, and what actions the company should take to reduce the differences between planned and actual performance.

And this the information here about John Jones:

John Jones, a CPA, recently moved to Washington, New Jersey, and opened the Jones Bookkeeping Services company, a company that provides bookkeeping services to small businesses located in Washington and the surrounding areas.
Since he is new to the area, he needs to promote the services offered by his business and needs your help in preparing a Marketing plan. He provided you with the following information:
1. His business is in Washington and is named Jones Bookkeeping Services Company.
2. He provides services to small business located in Washington and the surrounding areas, and expects his business to grow by about 10% per year and expects you to do a SWOT analysis to help him understand his current business environment.
3. He needs you to identify his competitors and whether or not he should be concerned about the services offered by his competition.
4. He offers the following services to clients:
a. Bookkeeping services. Recording of bookkeeping transactions and preparation of financial statements – billed on a monthly basis
b. Tax consulting and preparation Services
5. He will also offer Data Analysis services, where he will analyze clients’ business data and offer advice to clients – billed on a per project basis. He hopes to propose to clients how they can save money and increase their revenue.
6. He wants to market his services to small businesses in Washington and the surrounding towns and expects to incur the following marketing related expenses
a. email marketing,
b. advertisement in local papers,
c. Printing materials,
d. Referrals,
e. Social media
f. Other expenses (he is prepared to accept other suggestions from you since you are the marketing expert).
7. He plans on making $150,000 in revenue this year and expects his revenue to grow by $50,000 each year for the next 3 years. He thinks his marketing expenses are about 30% of his revenue. His revenue forecast for the current year is:
a. Bookkeeping services, $100,000
b. Tax consulting and preparation services, $40,000
c. Data Analysis service, $10.000
d. He projects that his direct cost are as follows:
i. Bookkeeping Services Costs, $10,000
ii. Tax consulting costs. $4,000
iii. Data analysis services costs, $1000
e. As part of the marketing plan, he needs to see a sales forecast for the next three years, as well as a marketing expense forecast for the next three years. He anticipates that the marketing costs should increase by 10% each year (you should estimate the marketing expenses for the current year).

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