Javier and Nina decide to form a performing group during the summer for some extra money. In preparation, they sit down and talk to each other, but they do not create a contract, and they do not file any paperwork with any state department. Javier and Nina paint a sign with the following words: “Just Nice Grove. We DJ, and the first hour is free!” The duo are very successful in their endeavor, booking 45 parties during the summer. Unfortunately, at the party at Nigel’s house, one of the guests tripped over the speaker wires, which they had failed to properly secure while setting up. As a result, the guest needed extensive medical care.

(a) Which form of business has been created by J & N? Explain.

(b) Besides regular concern about another person, why else should they be concerned about the unfortunate incident at Nigel’s house?

(c) How might J & N have planned better to create more protection for their personal assets?

(d) Which business organization should J & N have chosen? Why?

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