Which of the below sources are not an external recruiting source _____

Select one:

a. using employment agencies.

b. using recommendations of present employees.

c. newspaper advertising.

d. promotion of a current employee.

e. recruiting on college campuses.

46. Which of the following is not a common method used by organisation to obtain information about applicants?

Select one:

a. tests.

b. private investigators.

c. employment applications.

d. interviews.

e. references.


Your company has just informed you that one of your product, Air Purifier Cool is in its maturity stage based on the product life cycle. What is the best move you should make to strengthen your market share?

Select one:

a. Eliminate less profitable versions of the product

b. Watch for the early buying patterns

c. Emphasize customer service

d. Make no style changes

e. Redesign the packaging

50 .Your manager has asked you to draft a report stating the main disadvantage of internal recruiting. You start your report by informing your manager that internal recruitment is not good because ______.

Select one:

a. there may be resentment among employees.”

b. promotion leaves another position to be filled.”

c. job posting may be required.”

d. it brings in unfamiliar ideas and perspectives.”

e. it helps hold on to quality personnel.”

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