elect the one that best represent a direct channel _____

Select one:

a. Producer to retailer to consumer

b. Producer to middleman to business user

c. Producer to middleman

d. Producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer

e. Producer to consumer

33. The factors that make up the external marketing environment of a firm____ __

Select one:

a. are generally beyond the firm’s control.

b. can be controlled to the firm’s advantage.

c. result from the operations of the firm.

d. include price, promotion, distribution, and product.

e. have little effect on internal operations.

36. The quantity of a product that Malaysian buyers are willing to purchase at various prices is called _____

Select one:

a. distended supply.

b. demand.

c. breakeven quantity.

d. inventory.

e. supply.

37. The word “retailer” can best be described as a middleman who _____.

Select one:

a. does not interact directly with the consumer.

b. works on consignment.

c. transfers products from the manufacturer to the consumer without taking ownership of the goods.

d. sells products to wholesalers, who then sell the goods to consumers.

e. transfers products from the manufacturer to the consumer and takes ownership of the goods.

39. When a company is focused on moving their products efficiently from producers to customers, they company is involved in ______.

Select one:

a. materials handling.

b. inventory management.

c. distribution planning.

d. order processing.

e. physical distribution.


When a product experiences sales revenue and profit increases, reaches a peak, and then declines, it goes through what is called _____

Select one:

a. product growth and decline.

b. product life cycle.

c. cyclical phases.

d. product stages.

e. roller coaster revenue.


When Tesco decides how many shopping malls they should open and where the shopping malls should be located, Tesco is focusing on _______ component of the marketing mix.

Select one:

a. storage

b. promotion

c. distribution

d. product

e. price

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