The primary purpose of brand tracking studies is to

predict whether brand extensions will be successful
compile a database of competitors’ actions
provide a detailed road map by which branding efforts should be informed
provide a deeper understanding of a brand using qualitative research methods
measure whether marketing programs have had their intended effect
Marketers offering several dissimilar products may apply family brands instead of corporate brands because:
the corporate image is usually negative.
it may be harder for the corporate brand to retain any product meaning or to effectively link the disparate products.
it is more efficient to maintain several family brands.
corporate brands are always more expensive to market.
it is less expensive to retain multiple family brands.
Which of the following best describes the purpose of a focus group?
To track brand responses over time in a quantitative manner.
To educate potential customers about a product, service, idea, concept, marketing communication, or packaging change.
To provide quantitative support for decision making.
To conclusively test assumptions of the marketing program.
To generate a deeper understanding of consumer perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and/or attitudes toward a product, service, concept, idea, marketing communication, or packaging.

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