Clearly describe the impact that the “Internet”, as a technology, is having on supply chains. What are the challenges it poses to companies?

What are reverse auction tools used for? What benefits do they provide to buyers and to suppliers? Why would an employee for a buyer resist the use of reverse auction tools instead of the ways they typically interact with suppliers?

What are “Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems? What benefits do they provide for a company that is part of a global supply chain? Why would a company be reluctant to use an ERP system?

Drones are among technologies that some companies are beginning to explore for possible use in the supply chain. Explain clearly its potential impacts on supply chains. What are some major obstacles for full scale use of drones?

Do you think that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are superior to Bar Codes? Clearly explain your answer. For which of the 5 components of the SCOR framework are RFID systems most useful? Please explain your answer

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