Which of the following scenarios best illustrates an action that a brand would likely take to exploit the halo effect?

A luxury fashion company introducing a low-priced pair of denim jeans.
A brewery creating an advertisement for a packaging change.
A local restaurant updating its menu to better reflect the preferences of its customers.
A luxury handbag designer introducing a new color of an existing style of handbag.
A mid-tier car company introducing a $125,000 luxury car.
Which of the following scenarios would suggest that depth of awareness is relatively low?
The brand name is quickly and easily recalled in a variety of different contexts.
Consumers are able to easily recall the brand name under a variety of situations.
The brand name has high levels of unaided recall.
Consumers are able to easily recognize and recall the brand name.
Consumers are able to recognize the brand name, but are not able to freely recall it.

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