Hey this is my introduction to hospitality class if someone can help me with this thank you.

…For your final semester project, you are tasked with writing a 2 – 3 page paper and preparing a 5 slide power point presentation. Requirements are as follows:I am assigning a project. Your project is to resarch a leader in hospitality industry. It can be any leader that you are interested in, but it needs to be someone in the hospitality industry. Also, please do not select someone from the company that you researched for your mid term project. I would like for you to be able to look at a different company. I have included in this week’s folder, some articles on leaders in the hospitality industry to give you some inspiration….(1)Who did you select to research? Give a brief biography on this person, what they do and what hospitality company that they work for.
(2)Why did you select this person? Why do you feel that they are a leader?(3) Look at the company that this person works for. Describe any sustainability or social responsility actions that they are engaged in. Is the person that you selected a supporter of these actions?(4) Reflection: what have you learned from this assignment? What type of leader would you want to work for? What type of leader do you think that you would be? What do you need to do to become the leader that you want to be?(5) Works cited page(6) Create a powerpoint presentations that visually depicts your paper. This presentation should have at least 5 slides. It can be anything that you want! Get creative and think about how to best share the information that you have found in a presentation format.
if someone can help me with this it would be great you guys are so helpful thank you

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