Impact of Social Media Marketing

PART 1 – Influencing Consumer Behavior with Social

This part of the module assignment is a position paper. Below are
two statements of which you will select one to be the basis of the
assignment. You are then asked to determine if you will take a pro
(agree) or con (disagree) position on the statement. You must then
(in 1 page) argue your position of pro or con.

Remember, you are to select one statement only. You should
restate the quote at the beginning of your paper (center it), and
then right after the statement write your position … AGREE or
DISAGREE. You will then argue your position with the use of three
sources, which you will also include source citations. The position
paper is limited to one page (references can be listed on a second
page, if needed).

Statement 1
“In light of changing consumer behavior arising from Covid-19
shutdowns and social distancing, social media marketing is the best
option to enable small businesses to re-establish relationships
with consumers and encourage them to resume their previous

Statement 2
“The Impact of social media marketing can achieve the reach of
national mass media advertising and the influence of traditional
word of mouth.”

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