Hughes(2018), Khan (2018), and Roy and Theodoulou (2016) discussways in
which globalization and currentaffairs/events affect public
administration & management and the role of government
(e.g.responsibilities, demand for and delivery of services, etc.).Give
one example that is relevant to Pacific IslandCountries and Territories
(PICTS)and explain how it affects the public administration &
management and the role of the government in that context.

2. Give an exampleof market failurein the
PICTS.Identifywhat type of marketfailure it is, explainwhy this is a
marketfailure,and describeand explainwhirhinstrument(s) of government
can be used to tackle the issue you have chosenas an example.

3. Referring to Weber’s modelof bureaucracy &
positionof the official, what key elements/characteristics of TPA are
supposedto ensurethe successof the separation between politicsand
administration (NB: mentionat leasttwo characteristics and
explainclearlyand explicitly what thesecharacteristics mean/imply and
how they are supposedto ensure that this separation is respected and

4. Discuss how the role of government has changed through
NPM-informed/influenced public sector reforms,including how public
choice theory is tied to/has influenced these changes in the role of
government. Support your answerswith examples from the PICTs.

5. New Public Management (NPM) is often described as a
direct responseto the limitations/failures/problems of the Traditional
Public Administration model (TPA). Explainat least two of the critiques
of TPA and how NPM attempts to address these critiques (i.e. 1- you
explainthe critiqueitself and 2- you explain what
characteristic/principle/practice/reform of NPM addresses that
critiqueand how it does so).

6. In your own words: a. Explain what a wicked problem is
and give an example from the PICTs b. Explain at least one of TPA’S
shortcomings in dealingwith wicked problemsand

7. In your own words, explain what governance is about and
what is the difference between corporate governance and governance in
the public sector

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