Your answers should show critical thinking, analysis,
and recommendations (where applicable). Some questions might ask
for your opinion. Please do not type a few words or give 1 sentence
answers. Tell the HOW, WHY, WHAT, and give examples were
appropriate to show your critical thinking. Answers should not be
just giving or reciting terms and or concepts right from the book.
Rather your answers should demonstrate your critical thinking and
analysis of what is being asked, along with possible
recommendations or applications (i.e. is this term-concept-theory
relevant or if not give the why or how. Give what could be possible
advantages or disadvantages of term or concept etc.

  1. When has your level of performance been directly affected by
    your motivation? By your ability? By the environment?
  2. Identify examples from your own experience that support, and
    others that refute, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.
  3. Have you ever experienced inequity in a job or a class? How did
    it affect you?
  4. Which is likely to be a more serious problem—perceptions of
    being under-rewarded or perceptions of being over rewarded?
  5. Do you think expectancy theory is too complex for direct use in
    organizational settings? Why or why not?
  6. Do the relationships between performance and satisfaction
    suggested by Porter and Lawler seem valid? Cite examples that both
    support and refute the model.
  7. Think of occasions on which you experienced each of the four
    types of reinforcement.
  8. Identify the five forms of reinforcement that you receive most
    often (i.e., wages, grades, etc.). On what schedule do you receive
    each of them?
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