Fraud is deception intended to result in personal gain. Wire
Fraud means (1) Using the Internet to (2) further a (3) scheme to
defraud that (4) results or would result in someone losing (and,
theoretically, you gaining) money, goods, or services.


If you were going to create a scheme to defraud people via the
internet, what would it be? This could be a version of a scheme
you’ve heard of or (even better) something entirely

Read the requirements carefully.

Submit your work by clicking “Reply” and posting to
the Discussion Forum.


  1. Your post must be at least 200 responsive
  2. You must describe your wire fraud scheme.
  3. I must be able to easily identify all 4 elements of
    wire fraud in your scheme. In other words, it must be clear
    how the internet is used to trick people out of their
  4. Be creative. Don’t just copy my slide.
  5. No major errors of grammar/syntax.
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