The present cost of grilled salmon at Riverview Café is $5.85. This is 36 percent of the item’s selling price. a. What is the grilled salmon’s selling price? (Round the answer to hundredth 0.00) b. What should the grilled salmon’s selling price be if the cost percentage changes to 38 percent? (Round the answer to hundredth 0.00) 2. In Sunshine Restaurant, total variable food costs are $425.00 and food sales are $1,125.00. What is the food cost percentage? (Round the answer to hundredth 0.00) 3. Short answer. Why a comparison of costs expressed in dollars in two restaurants is not enough to see the difference in the operations’ effectiveness, but a comparison of the cost percentages for food, beverages, labor, and overhead would add meaningful information to compare the two restaurants effectiveness. (The answer might as well be just one or a couple of sentences.) 4. In Blue Breeze Café cost of food is higher than typical in casual dining category. This means that (highlight 1 answer):

A) Customers are getting their food for cheaper than it should be.

B) The restaurant is paying too little for food.
C) This is an impossible outcome from math point of view.
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