In your team, answer the following questions: 1) What do you believe has caused the issue with the Machine Operator pay for the 28 employees between 10-15 years of service? List and discuss as many as you can think of. 2) What are the key issues that must be addressed in this problem as you think about developing your compensation strategy/plan? 3) What should be done prior to taking any actions? 4) What are the key issues regarding internal equity? What are the key issues regarding the pay structure? Explain each. 5) What competitive market factors affect this company? Why? 6) How can a pay for performance plan help in this situation? What type of plan would work to address this situation and why? 7) What are the key challenges that you faced working in a team and sharing one grade? As you think about your challenges as a team, what are the implications in the workplace when companies use team-based pay incentives in general (not for this specific case)? 8) Would you consider using a team-based incentive pay program for the Machine Operators? Why or Why not? 9) What potential solutions would you recommend to the Plant Manager regarding making any adjustments to the 28 Machine Operators between 10-15 years of service now that you have thought through many of the challenges? 10) What are the implications to the business for each solution/recommendation?

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