The Lure of an International Strategy: India/Mohandas Pai/CEO/Infosys India, home to low-cost living and resources, has become a technology mecca that maintains the second-largest software industry in the world. The country has managed to amass the presence of big-name international companies and create a few of its own, such as Infosys. Mohandas Pai, CEO of Infosys, has stated that the key to luring foreign investors and workers is to create companies on par with any in the West. Infosys, which is similar to a resort spa, continues to offer more experience and opportunity for many young Americans for U.S colleges and has grown from 500 employees to 50,000 in 12 years.
a. Conduct a research to determine the FOUR (4) international strategy incentives does India offer to a foreign investor?
b. Explain THREE (3) basic benefits of international strategy.
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