Lily : hi Mukil, I heard that there is new employee joined in your department. Mukil.. Yes Lily, we hired a young candidate in our sales department because he has a very good reputation and connection with stakeholders in his previous company which is our competitor Lily : Great our organization is human capital management oriented where we all are aware of the objective of HCM applications and its advantages which benefited our workforce. Mukil. Yes, I totally agree with you Lily. Your manager won best employee award last year. My efforts are rewarded and recognized by the management as well. Lily : It is because each HR data were well interpreted by the management at the right time. Mukil: Since you said your department have hired a millennial, its not easy to retain them. Their expectation on salary packages are so futuristic. Lily. Yet we have to compete in offering market range compensation packages because currently big labour markets are millennial. Mukil. Haha, yes agreed. Based on the conversation, answer the questions below: 1. Why Lily said that the organization is HCM oriented, justify the differences between HRM and HCM and support with objectives and advantages of HCM that their organization and employees should have benefited. (10 MARKS) 2. Explain the HR data collected and used for human capital evaluation in the above scenario and elaborate the future of HCM in handling millennial.
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