uppose a small island near the Middle East produces oil, which is extracted from the ground, and olive oil, from all of the olives grown on the island. The information in the following table shows the amount of oil, olive oil, and olives produced in 2008, 2018, and 2019. Calculate the GDP deflator for 2018. Use 2008 as the base year for the calculations. Provide your answer as a number rounded to two decimal places. Do not include any symbols, such as “$,” “-“%,” or “,” in your answer 2008 2018 2019 Product Oil (in barrels) Olive Oil (in bottles) Olives (in bushels) Qua ntity Price Quantity Price Quantity Price 25 100 S87 10 4 130 65 S117 10 38 135 65 S90 14 50

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