Case Study

Then and Now

Today’s students in family resource management come from a wide variety of backgrounds and most likely take lecture and discussion courses either online or in-person. It is enlightening to read how their predecessors experienced living in home management houses from 1939 to 1959:
ent houses from 1939 to 1959: “Two residents moved into the house from family farms. They felt the residence course was likely more fun for these girls than it was for students who had already experienced living on campus. Another, reared on a farm, reported she was not used to buying so much food. Her self-sufficient family raised their vegetables and butchered their own chickens and cattle. One of the residents who came from a family farm felt others had more social experiences than she did because of being isolated on the farm. Living in the house did not interfere with relationships outside the house. Boyfriends were welcome, visiting often. One interviewee remembers that her future husband was a good potato peeler. ‘It seems to me, Bud spent lots of time on a stool on the back porch, peeling potatoes’…[During World War II] Social interactions increased when soldiers and sailors arrived for training courses in radio and engineering and moved into residence halls adjacent to the home management houses. While planning a pheasant hunt, several soliders made a deal with house residents that if they were successful, the women would cook the dinner. Both hunting and dining were successful.”

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