Case Study


“‘I get a lot less sleep [than I need]—less than six hours a night,’ says Katie Danziger, whose New York City-based company, nomie baby, sells parent-sanity-saving washable car seat covers and stroller blankets. Like many overloaded entrepreneurs, Danziger doesn’t get any exercise. Instead, she turns all her time over to nomie baby and her three kids. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your business. But that bit of common sense usually gets trampled by overload and its partner, stress. Stop for a second? Not possible. Delegate? It would take too long to explain the how-tos to a staffer. Take a break to refuel? Too much to do. Shut off the BlackBerry at night? Might miss a sale. Entrepreneurs are, of course, an action-oriented bunch by definition.”

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