Case Study


“One of Henrik Holgersson’s friends laughed in his face when he told him he was going to spend the better part of 2011 as a stay-at-home dad. ‘What kind of a man are you?’ the friend asked Holgersson, who works for an event management company. But just about everyone else was positive. His employer and coworkers patted him on the back and wished him luck. Holgersson took out 240 days of parental leave paid for by the government while his girlfriend, Jenny Karsson, went back to her job as a real estate agent, after eight months at home with their son, Arvid. ‘To take care of Arvid is a real fatherly thing to do. I think that’s very masculine,’ said Holgersson, 34, gently rocking his 1-year-old son’s stroller on a walk around the block near his apartment in Sweden.”

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