UML Use Case Diagram Practice

Trek Bicycles Co. is seeking your expertise to design their new Precision Fitting System 1.0. The main purpose of this new system is to help customers with a bicycle recommendation that best fits their body and their riding style. Below is the 2 steps required workflow/process for the new system;

  1. When a customer walks into the store, a Trek store fit expert would measure the customer’s biometrics manually with a soft vinyl tape (like a Taylor tape). The resulting biometrics data then have to be entered into the Precision Fitting System 1.0.
  2. The store’s fit expert will inquire the customers with few questions to learn about their riding style, frequency ….etc. These data are then fed into the Precision Fitting System 1.0 again. The system will then process the customer’s data and hopefully will be able to recommend a Trek bicycle or bicycles that suit the customer’s needs the best. Below is the process in more detail.

Biometric Measurements: (The Bicycle Store Fit Expert measures the following customer biometrics).

  • The customer Bio Physical Measurement. We measure both the customer’s lower body and upper body for the following data.
    • Lower body measurement consists of measuring the customer’s inseam length.
    • Upper body measurement consists of measuring the customer’s arm and torso length.

Riding Style Questionnaire (NOTE: If the customer chose “estimated mileage per week”, the Trek store fit expert must enter the estimated riding mileage per week into the system).

  • Riding Terrain Question: Which type of terrain does the customer most often ride on?
    • 2 possible choices: Road Terrain or Mountain Terrain.
  • Riding Frequency Question: How often does the customer ride their bike?
    • 3 possible choices: Daily, Weekly or Estimated Mileage per Week (the number of miles per week must be entered into the system).

After processing all the data, the new Precision Fitting System 1.0 must be able to:

  1. Recommend a suitable bicycle model or models for the customer’s need.
  2. Recommend bicycle size/s that best fit the customer’s physical biometrics.
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