Write a complete program that finds the smallest number of the three numbers entered by the user and display. Make sure you use meaningful variable names and proper comments. Your program must include the following coding requirements:

(a) Define a function minimumThree which uses 3 integer parameters and returns the smallest of the three.

(b) Write the prototype for the minimumThree function that you defined in part (a)

(c ) Call minimumThree function in main.

(d) Define a function displaySmallest which takes one integer number as a parameter and display the smallest number that you get from the minimumThree function.

(e) ( Write the prototype for the displaySmallest function that you defined in part (a)

(f ) Call displaySmallest function in the main.

(g) What this displaySmallest function will return? Answer this question in your program as a comment.

Sample Output:

Enter any three integer numbers of your choice:

35 12 52

The smallest of the three numbers is: 12

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