Imagine you have been selected for an interview at “Dream Organization”, a firm you have always wanted to work for. You have not worked for this company in the past and you want to do well in the virtual interview in order to be selected for the position. The position you are interviewing for will involve managing a team of five direct reports in a functional area of interest to you (e.g., marketing, finance, logistics, etc.). Your interviewer enters the Zoom room, greets you and asks you the first question of the interview, which is “If hired, what role would you play in helping our organization achieve and/or sustain a competitive advantage?”…

For this assignment you need to (1) identify an actual organization that will act as “Dream Organization” for your assignment, (2) identify the functional area of the position you are interviewing for (e.g., supply chain, HR, accounting), and (3) compose a response to this interview question of between 400 and 600 words. Your answer should include direct links to concepts from your readings in the course to date using correct APA in-text citations. In addition to demonstrating your understanding of how the management of people can influence organizational performance, your answer should provide specific examples of how and why YOU would be an effective manager. These relevant examples could be drawn from work, personal, school and/or volunteer experience. Include a word count at the end of your written work; citations are not included in the word count.

Learning Objectives • Evaluate the role of strategy in Human Resource Management (HRM) practice in MNEs. • Design effective global talent management strategies, policies, and practices for MNEs to advance flexibility, innovation, and competitive advantage. • Assess the impact of organizational culture on global talent management strategies, policies, and practices in MNEs.

Functional area of work, Operation Management.

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