Knowing that increased and personalized interaction increases enrollment, a university hired GPS Marketers to help promote the university to high school seniors in the state. GPS utilized software that automated the university’s interaction with the potential students, including customizing postcards, texts, emails, and voice mail messages. The campaign garnered 150 new students for the next fall semester. What benefit does marketing automation typically provide to organizations like this university?

  • When an organization automates and improves marketing messages, the company no longer has to follow a set marketing strategy but can instead rely on artificial intelligence.
  • Marketing automation increases the ability to engage with customers even with limited human resources.
  • Automating the many steps of marketing enables an organization to spend less time on developing its brand platform.
  • Automating marketing steps allows the organization to hire more marketing employees and to spend more time on less complicated and more interesting jobs.

GPS Marketers was contacted by a law firm to help them better manage customer relationships. As additional attorneys were hired and the number of clients increased, the firm had found it much harder to track leads and also harder to maintain the personal touch for which they were known. What should GPS Marketers do to help the law firm track customers more efficiently?

  • Use comprehensive marketing metrics along with conducting customer satisfaction surveys to determine how the law firm can best reach each individual client.
  • Implement an automated CRM system to provide greater efficiency, improved messaging, and retention of information, thus allowing the firm to concentrate on the personal service for which it is known.
  • Build a proprietary CEM tool that automates nearly every interaction with customers, allowing the law firm to provide additional services that weren’t previously part of its portfolio.
  • Conduct trainings to help the employees of the law firm improve their technology skills, which they can apply when working on cases for clients.

GPS Marketers was hired by an eye and vision care clinic to help develop automated surveys to collect feedback for its after-surgery service. Previously, the clinic had used paper surveys, but they found that people did not take the time to fill them out and return them. The clinic hoped that an electronic survey would yield more feedback. Why would it be beneficial for the clinic to focus on getting more feedback from patients?

  • Gathering more feedback helps a business create a pipeline of potential customers who might need services or products.
  • More feedback allows businesses to improve their services and make the customer experience even more positive.
  • A business that seeks additional feedback on its services does so in order to decrease the cost of products and services for customers.
  • Seeking additional feedback improves retention of valuable employees who like to know how the business is doing and how they contribute.

GPS Marketers was contacted by a business-to-business sales skills training company that was trying to reach sales decision makers. The company knew who their target audience was but didn’t have a process to adequately analyze an ad campaign on which they’d previously spent thousands of dollars. The leads generated from the ads were not qualified, and the campaign failed miserably. Using sophisticated software, GPS conducted market research and recognized that a certain type of digital ad was most effective to reach the target audience. Using the data gathered and working with company employees, GPS optimized the company’s campaigns and increased the return on investment by more than two times over the course of a year. Why was hiring GPS Marketers to conduct this analysis a smart move on the company’s part?

  • GPS Marketers had the tools and expertise to identify the most successful marketing efforts and was then able to close the loop by selecting that type of marketing to improve business.
  • Hiring GPS Marketers was a smart move because it allowed the agency to develop more skills and extend its customer networking.
  • Hiring GPS Marketers as a wise move on the company’s part because it no longer has to worry about improving its products or cutting costs when marketing campaigns are successful.
  • The company made a smart move when it hired GPS Marketers because the owners could turn all decisions affected by marketing, including sales, over to the agency.
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